Thomas Cuttino comes highly recommended for all of your Xerox needs.  After advising our company on getting a Xerox machine that can do it all – copy, fax and scan – it has allowed us to save time and money be doing most of our printing in-house instead of sending out to a printing company.  Once purchasing the new machine, he took the time to go through step-by-step and teach us how to use all of the features.  I would highly recommend XDOS, Inc. for all of your printing needs.

Lee Hatfield
Hatfield Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

We recently upgraded to a new copier.  The machine Tom suggested that we lease turned out to be a “one stop shop”.  We are able to scan files into our system, make copies in black and white or color, and fax from our desks.  The new machine has saved us time and the need to purchase multiple office devices.  Tom stands behind his product.  He came to our office on several occasions and assisted us with any questions we had.  He wants to be sure you get the most out of your machine.  His service and expertise are unmatched.  If you are considering the purchase of a copier, you are missing the boat if you don’t give Tom a chance to show you his products.

Keisha B. Epps
Sumter Insurance Group

Several years ago my district got a Xerox color copier for our media center, and we have gotten excellent service from the machine.  The machine is easy to operate and prints very good color copies as well as quality black and white copies.  Also, you won’t find a better rep than Tom Cuttino.  He goes above and beyond what you would expect for normal service.  Twice I was working on big projects—the senior memory book and football programs for the first game of the year—and ran out of supplies.  Tom looked around until he found what I needed and got them to me.  The second time he did this, his territory had been changed and he was no longer my rep.  Not many people would have been willing to help under those circumstances.

Penny Kemp
Media Specialist
East Clarendon Middle and High Schools, Turbeville, SC

I strongly recommend Thomas A. Cuttino and XDOS, Inc. to take of your copying and document and processing needs.

My CPA firm saves time and money because Tom advised us on getting the equipment we needed to copy, scan and fax efficiently the large volume of documents we process.  The installation and conversion processes from our previous equipment were quick and smooth.  Tom provided us with the training and support we needed.

When we have a question or a special Xerox need, Tom and his company are always ready to serve us with a smile.

Hendrikus E.J.M.L. van Bulck
Certified Public Accountant
Van Bulck & Company